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Bed Bug Monitoring with BB ALERT®


Bed Bug Monitoring with BB ALERT®

Most Bed Bug infestations begin with a small number of insects that are transported into the structure. While the infestation remains at this size it is rarely detected.

Once established, Bed Bugs in a human structure are provided with almost ideal conditions - no parasites or predators to limit their development, a constant temperature close to the optimum for a high reproductive rate, and an ample food supply (experience with large infestations shows that just one human host can provide sufficient food for many thousands of Bed Bug adults and nymphs). Under these ideal conditions, one mated adult female Bed Bug, over a period of 180 days, can result in 7,848 adults, 121,449 nymphs, 69,909 eggs and accumulate a staggering 169,490 bites!

As the Bed Bug population grows the infestation spreads. Bed Bugs prefer to spend most of their time in tiny crevices close to the host's resting area but, as the growing population fills these primary harborages, less optimum hiding places further from the host are colonized. Eventually the infestation may expand to adjacent rooms and even conjoined structures.

The best preventive solution to the potential for Bed Bug infestation is to find the Bed Bugs before they have had chance to develop into a large problem. If Bed Bugs are found while the population is small and contained the remedial treatment is less disruptive, less costly, and has an improved chance to rapidly achieve total elimination of the problem. Unfortunately, this is impractical using the traditional methods of inspection by a specialist.

Their size, habits, and the very close association of Bed Bugs with personal human belongings, makes them a difficult pest to find. Successful inspection for Bed Bugs must be very detailed, and often requires specialist experience to locate the small number of insects found in an initial population. This makes these inspections time consuming and expensive, and only cost effective when a Bed Bug infestation is suspected.